Revenwyn (milady_revenwyn) wrote in bigisbeautiful,

I hate getting this all the time...

I've received too many "Are you pregnant?" remarks. The answer: I'm not. Definitely not. If I were pregnant, well this one would have been baking in the oven for the last five years. Certain other factors tell me for sure that I'm not pregnant.
But I'm weird. My body is weird. The fat only shows on my belly with me: not on my hips, not on my side. So all my fat is on my belly and it makes me look pregnant. Argh. So, I need to gain about 50 pounds so fat can be all over or I need to lose. And I think the second is the better option. Only thing is when I try to lose it becomes and obsessive thing in my life and it spurs me into an eating disorder.

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